About Us

Welcome to Blogging Over Everything (BOE)


Blogging Over Everything or (B over E and/or B.O.E) is a brand made for bloggers and entrepreneurs everywhere. A way to promote your blog and/or business without the world wide web. Merchandise displaying to the world that YOU BLOG or are a small business owner. 
Blogging Over Everything is a way to showcase your blog and create a conversation about it. Especially in today's climate where masking and staying safe is everyone's top priority. 
Essentially (B over E) is a community, and further more a lifestyle. Blogging Over Everything is the representation of the blogging community as a whole. When you look around the world, especially right now, everyone has representation of who they are, what they do and what they love. Well I saw a gap that needed to be filled. 
The blogging community didn't have that unique representation around the world. Something that said "I'm a blogger". 
I don't know about you, but I love representing the things that I'm not only passionate about but something that represents my values. 
So I decided that I would create a brand for us by us. I want bloggers around the world to have something that they can not only call their own but showcase what they do. Display who they are, and advertise what they are passionate about. 
But don't get me wrong, Blogging Over Everything is for anyone who LOVES reading blogs, have a favorite blogger, better yet have a family or friend who blogs. I mean let's be real, everyone knows someone who blogs one way or another nowadays. 
What's the best way to say Thank You? Advertise their blog on a shirt or a mug etc. and be there voice when they can't Represent themselves. 
Let Blogging Over Everything Be Your Voice in a climate where being seen is the most important. Thank you so much in advance for being apart of our community! I can't wait to build a friendship through design. 💖🖤🤍🤎